Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bath Lifts - an alternative to a bathroom re-vamp

If you need a little help to lower yourself into a bath or raise yourself back out of the water, there is an alternative that enables you to do so independently, without asking for help from a carer and without installing a walk-in bath, power bath or sit-in shower.

The Bath Lift.

From the inflatable chair style Bath Buddy to the Molly Bather with a bath-edge seat to help you into the bath, Practical Bathing has solutions for you. Why not take a look and call us if you have any further questions?
Click on each of the items above for more details including photographs.

Our selection of bath lifts are tried and tested and fully guaranteed. We offer an installation service* in the south east of England, or we can supply to you for your own installation if required. *Not required for the Bath Buddy inflatable bath seat.

Visit www.practicalbathing.co.uk or call 01753 842944 and speak to Paul or Robert.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Wet-room Showering - easier and more spacious

Peterborough: Mrs T has had difficulty rising from her bath for some time and had previously had a bath hoist installed. Practical Bathing was contracted to strip out the old fashioned bathroom, clean up all the pipework and update it with a level-access wet-room with shower and WC facilities.

On removing the vinyl floor covering, we discovered that the floor underneath was thoroughly damp. It was decided to remove and replace with a new suspended wooden floor. We were able to conceal plumbing pipework in cavities, boxing or false walls which we finished with easy-clean Trovex panelling.

Practical, sealed anti-slip vinyl was used for the wet-room floor. New WC, wash hand basin and showering facilities were all fitted so that Mrs T can enjoy safe and enjoyable showering in a pleasant, clean and more spacious environment - with the benefit of easier maintenance!

old sink with visible pipework
old hand basin with ugly pipework
new sink with hidden pipework - easier to keep clean
easier to clean - new wash basin

Friday, 8 November 2013

Walk-in Bath Shower - Savana for contemporary bathrooms

A walk-in bath shower that will appeal to interior designers as well as families with or without special needs.

walk-in shower-bathThe Savana walk in shower bath is sleek and stylish as well as versatile. It is also made in the U.K.

The ideal choice to contribute to the clean and spacious look of modern contemporary bathrooms, the Savana features an elegant step-through glass door and shower screen. The 10mm toughened glass door has a simple effective locking system and there is a safe anti-slip base inside the shower-bath.

There is an additional feature of twin wastes for emptying the bath quickly before opening the door and an optional extra of a factory fitted air spa to help you to relax in total luxury.

Link to more pictures of the Savana and a list of the shower-bath features and specifications.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Life can be more pleasant with a Bio Bidet

Bio Bidet Seat with spacers option
(toilet not included)
Bidets have always been popular in France and have been in and out of fashion in the UK - mostly due to the compact size of bathrooms in standard British houses. There simply isn't enough room for the addition of a bidet.

Yet those who have lived with bidets realise how useful they are in terms of personal hygiene.

May we introduce to you... the Bio Bidet Toilet Seat. Bio Bidet seats work with existing toilets to provide hygienic cleansing, avoiding the necessity for a separate bidet, thus saving space (and probably cost).

Bio Bidets are easy to use and economical to run - and you will also save on toilet paper as you can immediately cleanse and dry yourself at the touch of a button!

People who suffer with psoriasis, haemorrhoids, eczema or incontinence will find the Bio Bidet far more pleasant than using toilet paper or wet-wipes. And those who need help with areas of self-cleansing may find that the Bio Bidet can replace the need for assistance, enabling them to retain their dignity.

Choose from two models, the BioBidet 800 and the BioBidet 1000.

NEW. Optional: 50mm or 80mm Bio Bidet seat spacers to raise the Bio Bidet seat for easier sitting and rising (as seen in the image above). Please note the seat risers/spacers must be ordered with the Bio Bidet.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wembley: Compact Sit-in Bath/Shower.

compact walk in bathMrs. M. lives in a retirement property with a small bathroom that required complete refurbishment.

Our client selected a compact walk-in/sit-in bath/shower arrangement to replace the existing old bath, which was difficult to step into, lower and raise oneself, and step out of.

The old, low-level w.c. was replaced by an extra tall toilet unit, again for ease of lowering to a seated position and standing with minimum difficulty.

In accordance with the client's colour choice, the walls were panelled with a decorative impermeable plastic coating for a bright and hygienic result and the floor was fitted with an attractive anti-slip vinyl for safety.

The refurbished bathroom is more suitable for our client's abilities with greater appeal, in general, to most retirement home residents.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Baths with Doors for Easy Access

The Talis bath with door
The Talis
Our Baths with Doors are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the diverse requirements of our clients, from young to elderly, to those who need assistance.

Our standard Walk-in Baths are The Cambridge and The Sceptre, suitable in a family bathroom whilst providing access via a door for those who prefer not to step over the side of the bath. For something with additional features and contemporary styling, try The Talis bath.

Shower units can be used with all baths but The Satin and The Crystal P-shaped baths with doors are specially designed to give bathers more room for showering.

The Topaz 2 bath with door and seat
The Topaz 2
If you want to replace an existing bath, The Topaz 2 is a modern bath of standard dimensions but with a door and a moulded seat.

If space is critical, we have a number of compact baths with doors to offer which incorporate a seat, making it easier to return to a standing position to leave the bath. These include popular choices The Sierra and Sierra Compact, The Sapphire 1 and Sapphire 2 plus a front-opening compact sit-in bath, The Scorpio.

Other practical bathing solutions include The Solar with a front door that folds downwards, enabling transfer from a wheelchair, and The Dublin which has been designed for bathers who require larger facilities.

Please view our range of Baths with Doors then contact us for further assistance, 01753 842944.


Monday, 22 July 2013

Contemporary Shower Room / Wet Room

We are delighted to offer the latest clear glass shower doors from Larenco as part of our product range.

glass shower doors - Practical Bathing

Elegant design and innovative features make these glass shower enclosures the ultimate in stylish showering.

Available as split full height doors or half height screens that enable maximum access, the glass enclosures are ideal for independent or assisted showering, for seated showering and wheelchair use. Duolinx handles lock the top and lower halves of the doors together for use as a single door and a twist of the handle will allow carer access.

Larenco Glass Shower Doors: Full specifications and features list on our website.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bath Time - and it's great to have feedback

At practical bathing, we do our best for our customers so it is always good when we receive feedback, following our bath, shower, toilet or wetroom installations.

The following was received from the nephew of an elderly client:

"Many thanks for the efforts of all involved in installing the new bath in my aunt's flat. 

Everything was done with the greatest of consideration and the bath and bathroom were left in as ready a state for use as possible. 

Mrs S----- is now getting used to the bath and has found that it not only offers the bathing she hoped for but also a very suitable arrangement for her visiting hairdresser." 

Visit our practical baths page.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Revamped Bathroom for improved style, safety and ease of use.

Mrs Wallace was finding her bathroom hard to use, and also a bit old fashioned. The mint green suite comprised an old cast iron bath and an inset basin. These were to be updated with a new white suite, including a walk-in bath/shower unit, to provide a more contemporary look plus improved versatility and functionality.

We advised that the Sapphire 1 walk in bath and a new basin with lever turn taps would meet her needs perfectly.

We installed the walk-in bath/shower unit with a shower curtain and some steadying grab rails. We replaced the wash hand basin with a slightly smaller version, rebuilt the surround, and fitted the new taps which are much easier to turn on and off.

The before and after photographs show how the bathroom is now more welcoming, brighter and conducive to safer bathing - suitable for all family members, including the elderly or infirm.

The Sapphire walk-in bath options include a therapeutic air spa.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hi-Lo Baths, the ultimate bathing assistance for Carers

A bathing system designed to help carers in their work, especially in care homes or hospitals. The Hi-Lo powered bath can be raised and lowered by the carer to the optimum height for the bather to enter and leave the bath, as well as a comfortable washing experience for both carer and bather.

With the latest electronic lifting technology, noise and vibration are virtually eliminated, providing a pleasant and reassuring bathing experience. With battery backup as standard, user safety is assured.

The Practical Bathing website has more details, available options and a short video of hi-lo baths. Please feel free to call us on 01753 842944.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Wetroom Conversion in Dulwich (for 'disabled' use)

before conversion to wetroom
We were asked to convert a redundant room into a ground floor wet room. As specialists in creating safe environments for disabled and elderly customers, this was well within our capabilities.

To prepare the room, an external door that was not in use was panelled over. Access to the room would be via an existing door from the hall. The floor was fitted with coved and welded non slip vinyl, making a waterproof, safe and hygienic environment. All the walls were fitted with waterproof laminated panels.

The wash-hand basin was relocated to the wall where the door used to be, allowing ample space to install a new tall toilet and a shower area. We added a thermostatically controlled shower valve, folding shower seat and half-height doors around the shower area.

wetroom shower for person with limited mobility
wetroom designed for disabled user There was no heating nor ventilation in the room. We added an extractor, a panel radiator and a warm air blower to provide comfort as well as practicality to the family wetroom.

The final result - a bright, functional, easy to clean wetroom, making excellent use of a redundant room.

Contact Practical Bathing on 01753 842944 to discuss your bathroom or wetroom installation requirements.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Comfort-Lift Belt Bath Lift – the very latest in belt lift technology, with a TWO YEAR warranty

Brand new for 2013, Practical Bathing announces the Comfort-Lift for easier and safer bathing.

Are you having problems lowering yourself into the bath or raising yourself after bathing? Then our latest bath lift may be the solution. Featuring the latest belt lift technology, the Comfort-Lift is practical and easy to use. The ultra light weight battery is a real benefit to those with weak hands or arthritic fingers.

German engineered using stainless steel for durability and strength, the Comfort-Lift bath lift is robust and shower proof. It even comes with a TWO YEAR warranty as standard for your peace of mind.

Practical Bathing is pleased to offer the Comfort Bath Lift on a supply only or fully installed basis: 01753 842944.
(Note: Installation only available in southern England.)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sapphire Spa Baths on Special!

The Sapphire Spa walk in baths have some unique design features, including smooth interior surfaces for relaxed bathing, twin waste outlets for rapid emptying of bath water, a self-purging pipe-drying system (avoiding damp smells) and a warm air hydrotherapy action.

Sapphire Walk-In Baths can be purchased without the Spa option. However, the hydrotherapy spa uses streaming warm air bubbles for a relaxing massage while you bathe, leaving your skin feeling invigorated and refreshed. The Sapphire provides an extremely gentle air-driven spa bath with no high pressure points.

The Sapphire 2's additional feature is a specially shaped door enabling the bather to be seated before closing the door over the knees. It as also cleverly designed to use less water to fill the bath. The Sapphire Spa Baths are perfect for relaxing and once you've tried our hydrotherapy bath, please tell your friends where to come for theirs!

The Sapphire Spa Walk-in Baths are now on Special Offer, EXCLUSIVELY from Practical Bathing

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Easy Access Showers make life so much easier!

shower with chair and grab rails One of customers had difficulty high-stepping into her shower and balancing during bathing.

Practical Bathing replaced the high shower tray with an easy access shower tray from the Mendip range.

In addition, the shower was replaced with an efficient, modern pump, we added grab rails and a sturdy wall-mounted shower seat.

To complete the installation, old wall tiles were replaced with hygienic panelling and an anti-slip flooring.

Practical Bathing has years of experience in helping customers with their decisions as well as advising of the most suitable bathing equipment. Browse our bathing solutions website. Contact us! Like our FaceBook Page for interesting news and special offers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, 4 February 2013

"Power Bath" your superhero assistant

If lowering or raising yourself to bathe is difficult, a walk-in bath with a powered seat could help you to maintain your independence and dignity.

If your movements are more limited, a power lifting bath will suit you better. It can assist your access into the bathwater from outside the bath, transferring to the power seat directly from a walking aid or wheelchair for  independent bathing.

If you are unable lift your legs and need a helping hand, a seat with a 'leg lift' model is available to assist with raising your legs over the side of the bath.

Practical Bathing provides a full range of hydraulic / power baths to suit. We also supply a range of bath lifts.

Installing Power Baths, whether for individuals, care homes or medical centres, requires careful consideration and planning. Contact Practical Bathing today and take advantage of our experience.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Special Offers at Practical Bathing

Brrr. A cold start to 2013 so...
Practical Bathing has some Special Offers for a nice warm and relaxing soak:

Call Practical Bathing on 01753 842944 for a personal service.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Conversion from Cloakroom to Bathroom to Shower room

In Autumn 2012, a customer from 2006 approached us regarding the installation of a shower in place of a bath.

Originally, we had successfully installed a compact walk-in bath into a downstairs cloakroom and were now requested to replace it with an easy access shower. Easy? Not quite as straightforward as it seems but we love to challenge our expertise and resourcefulness to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

There were certainly challenges! There was no shower tray available with the required dimensions, the toilet soil pipe ran across into the shower area and could not be moved and, finally, the warm air heating system was also below the bath, within the intended shower area.

walk in bath + spacious shower

Starting with the soil pipe, special boxing was constructed to cover the pipe, strong enough to stand on and, in the shower area, topped with anti-slip vinyl. To allow the warm air heating to function from under the proposed shower tray, battens were laid to raise the shower tray floor. As for the tray itself, we used a suitably long shower tray of the correct width, trimmed the length and capped and sealed it in our workshop. The front of the raised shower tray was faced with a specially perforated PVC strip for the warm air heating to flow. We also installed smart blue grab rails to complement the bathroom. Images show the previously installed bath and the newly installed shower tray.

A satisfying outcome, using our experience, imagination and a range of skills, the final result is a practical and pleasing solution to a complex problem and a 'thumbs-up' from our customer. We welcome your challenge - please view the Practical Bathing website and contact us / call us on 01753 842944 or 0800 0195570.