Friday, 16 August 2013

Baths with Doors for Easy Access

The Talis bath with door
The Talis
Our Baths with Doors are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the diverse requirements of our clients, from young to elderly, to those who need assistance.

Our standard Walk-in Baths are The Cambridge and The Sceptre, suitable in a family bathroom whilst providing access via a door for those who prefer not to step over the side of the bath. For something with additional features and contemporary styling, try The Talis bath.

Shower units can be used with all baths but The Satin and The Crystal P-shaped baths with doors are specially designed to give bathers more room for showering.

The Topaz 2 bath with door and seat
The Topaz 2
If you want to replace an existing bath, The Topaz 2 is a modern bath of standard dimensions but with a door and a moulded seat.

If space is critical, we have a number of compact baths with doors to offer which incorporate a seat, making it easier to return to a standing position to leave the bath. These include popular choices The Sierra and Sierra Compact, The Sapphire 1 and Sapphire 2 plus a front-opening compact sit-in bath, The Scorpio.

Other practical bathing solutions include The Solar with a front door that folds downwards, enabling transfer from a wheelchair, and The Dublin which has been designed for bathers who require larger facilities.

Please view our range of Baths with Doors then contact us for further assistance, 01753 842944.