Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sapphire Spa Baths on Special!

The Sapphire Spa walk in baths have some unique design features, including smooth interior surfaces for relaxed bathing, twin waste outlets for rapid emptying of bath water, a self-purging pipe-drying system (avoiding damp smells) and a warm air hydrotherapy action.

Sapphire Walk-In Baths can be purchased without the Spa option. However, the hydrotherapy spa uses streaming warm air bubbles for a relaxing massage while you bathe, leaving your skin feeling invigorated and refreshed. The Sapphire provides an extremely gentle air-driven spa bath with no high pressure points.

The Sapphire 2's additional feature is a specially shaped door enabling the bather to be seated before closing the door over the knees. It as also cleverly designed to use less water to fill the bath. The Sapphire Spa Baths are perfect for relaxing and once you've tried our hydrotherapy bath, please tell your friends where to come for theirs!

The Sapphire Spa Walk-in Baths are now on Special Offer, EXCLUSIVELY from Practical Bathing