Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bath Lifts - an alternative to a bathroom re-vamp

If you need a little help to lower yourself into a bath or raise yourself back out of the water, there is an alternative that enables you to do so independently, without asking for help from a carer and without installing a walk-in bath, power bath or sit-in shower.

The Bath Lift.

From the inflatable chair style Bath Buddy to the Molly Bather with a bath-edge seat to help you into the bath, Practical Bathing has solutions for you. Why not take a look and call us if you have any further questions?
Click on each of the items above for more details including photographs.

Our selection of bath lifts are tried and tested and fully guaranteed. We offer an installation service* in the south east of England, or we can supply to you for your own installation if required. *Not required for the Bath Buddy inflatable bath seat.

Visit www.practicalbathing.co.uk or call 01753 842944 and speak to Paul or Robert.