Friday, 8 November 2013

Walk-in Bath Shower - Savana for contemporary bathrooms

A walk-in bath shower that will appeal to interior designers as well as families with or without special needs.

walk-in shower-bathThe Savana walk in shower bath is sleek and stylish as well as versatile. It is also made in the U.K.

The ideal choice to contribute to the clean and spacious look of modern contemporary bathrooms, the Savana features an elegant step-through glass door and shower screen. The 10mm toughened glass door has a simple effective locking system and there is a safe anti-slip base inside the shower-bath.

There is an additional feature of twin wastes for emptying the bath quickly before opening the door and an optional extra of a factory fitted air spa to help you to relax in total luxury.

Link to more pictures of the Savana and a list of the shower-bath features and specifications.