Thursday, 13 June 2013

Revamped Bathroom for improved style, safety and ease of use.

Mrs Wallace was finding her bathroom hard to use, and also a bit old fashioned. The mint green suite comprised an old cast iron bath and an inset basin. These were to be updated with a new white suite, including a walk-in bath/shower unit, to provide a more contemporary look plus improved versatility and functionality.

We advised that the Sapphire 1 walk in bath and a new basin with lever turn taps would meet her needs perfectly.

We installed the walk-in bath/shower unit with a shower curtain and some steadying grab rails. We replaced the wash hand basin with a slightly smaller version, rebuilt the surround, and fitted the new taps which are much easier to turn on and off.

The before and after photographs show how the bathroom is now more welcoming, brighter and conducive to safer bathing - suitable for all family members, including the elderly or infirm.

The Sapphire walk-in bath options include a therapeutic air spa.