Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Shower Seats – A Practical Bathing Alternative

There are many reasons why shower seats may be the best practical alternative for our clients:
  • the family bathroom needs to accommodate a range of ages and abilities
  • Mobile Shower Chair - Adjustable Height
    Mobile Shower Chair - Adjustable Height
  • there is insufficient space in the home for a specialist bath
  • there is insufficient budget for a bathroom makeover
A wide choice of shower seating is available, providing for a variety of users’ needs. Some people are a little unstable on their feet and need support when standing for more than a few minutes. Others are able to enter the shower but need to be seated for the whole washing process. Then there are people who are unable to walk at all, for whom a wheeled shower chair is essential.

Our range includes free-standing seats, fold down seats, and wheeled shower chairs (self propel or assisted). Please visit the appropriate page of our website for details of all our shower seats.

fixed shower seat shown stored out of the way and as a practical seat for use while bathing

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Better Bathroom - Judge for yourself

Cirrus Walk-in Bath Installation
Berkshire: Mrs W is very small in stature, and was finding herself rather "lost" in her large pink walk in tub. The old bath also took a long time to fill, and did not match the white basin and toilet. We recommended the Cirrus 1500mm walk in bath, with a booster pump to improve the filling time.

We removed the old bath and fitted the new white Cirrus bath with easy-access door, shown in the large photo. A booster pump and antiscald valve were installed, so there is now plentiful temperature-controlled water. Grab bars were fitted to help Mrs W enter the bath and lower herself into the water safely.

Mrs W can now enjoy bathing and showering again – such a pleasure after years of tolerating a poorly performing, unsuitable bath.

Browse our walk in bath range or link straight to the Cirrus bath. We'd love to hear from you!
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