Monday, 21 October 2013

Life can be more pleasant with a Bio Bidet

Bio Bidet Seat with spacers option
(toilet not included)
Bidets have always been popular in France and have been in and out of fashion in the UK - mostly due to the compact size of bathrooms in standard British houses. There simply isn't enough room for the addition of a bidet.

Yet those who have lived with bidets realise how useful they are in terms of personal hygiene.

May we introduce to you... the Bio Bidet Toilet Seat. Bio Bidet seats work with existing toilets to provide hygienic cleansing, avoiding the necessity for a separate bidet, thus saving space (and probably cost).

Bio Bidets are easy to use and economical to run - and you will also save on toilet paper as you can immediately cleanse and dry yourself at the touch of a button!

People who suffer with psoriasis, haemorrhoids, eczema or incontinence will find the Bio Bidet far more pleasant than using toilet paper or wet-wipes. And those who need help with areas of self-cleansing may find that the Bio Bidet can replace the need for assistance, enabling them to retain their dignity.

Choose from two models, the BioBidet 800 and the BioBidet 1000.

NEW. Optional: 50mm or 80mm Bio Bidet seat spacers to raise the Bio Bidet seat for easier sitting and rising (as seen in the image above). Please note the seat risers/spacers must be ordered with the Bio Bidet.