Friday, 25 January 2013

Special Offers at Practical Bathing

Brrr. A cold start to 2013 so...
Practical Bathing has some Special Offers for a nice warm and relaxing soak:

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Conversion from Cloakroom to Bathroom to Shower room

In Autumn 2012, a customer from 2006 approached us regarding the installation of a shower in place of a bath.

Originally, we had successfully installed a compact walk-in bath into a downstairs cloakroom and were now requested to replace it with an easy access shower. Easy? Not quite as straightforward as it seems but we love to challenge our expertise and resourcefulness to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

There were certainly challenges! There was no shower tray available with the required dimensions, the toilet soil pipe ran across into the shower area and could not be moved and, finally, the warm air heating system was also below the bath, within the intended shower area.

walk in bath + spacious shower

Starting with the soil pipe, special boxing was constructed to cover the pipe, strong enough to stand on and, in the shower area, topped with anti-slip vinyl. To allow the warm air heating to function from under the proposed shower tray, battens were laid to raise the shower tray floor. As for the tray itself, we used a suitably long shower tray of the correct width, trimmed the length and capped and sealed it in our workshop. The front of the raised shower tray was faced with a specially perforated PVC strip for the warm air heating to flow. We also installed smart blue grab rails to complement the bathroom. Images show the previously installed bath and the newly installed shower tray.

A satisfying outcome, using our experience, imagination and a range of skills, the final result is a practical and pleasing solution to a complex problem and a 'thumbs-up' from our customer. We welcome your challenge - please view the Practical Bathing website and contact us / call us on 01753 842944 or 0800 0195570.